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(Company) aix's Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Director Lee Minki, is a growth hacker and data scientist responsible for the company's overall strategic planning and execution, primarily focusing on marketing planning and implementation using AI to increase user engagement, satisfaction, and customer lifetime value (LTV). In addition to participating in panel discussions at the "App Growth Summit 2022," where renowned app marketers from around the world exchange ideas and share information, Director Lee Minki has also contributed a series of articles on app marketing in Japan and Korea.

App Growth Summit is a global mobile app conference for app developers and publishers, attracting app growth experts from around the world to prestigious app marketing-related media events held annually in New York, Germany, Singapore, and other locations. Since its inception in 2018, leading technology companies such as Google, Amazon, and Uber have participated. Through insightful content from app growth experts and a specialized community, the summit aims to continuously support the growth of the world's top mobile app services.

■1st Marketing Article Overview and Original Text

I have summarized important points to consider when localizing a mobile app service for the Korean market, as expanding into foreign markets is crucial for global service companies. While changing the language is a prerequisite for expanding into the Korean and Japanese markets, I discuss the difference between translation and localization in detail. I have contributed an article that provides a detailed explanation of the factors that foreign companies should consider when entering the Korean market.

■2nd Marketing Article Overview and Original Text

To expand the mobile app business in the Japanese market, the introduction of a soft sell approach is essential. This article introduces the concept and methods of soft sell in an easily understandable manner. While expanding into foreign markets is essential for business growth, the number of companies entering markets beyond their domestic market, including the Japanese market, has significantly increased. However, companies that systematically enter the market by considering not only the language of the target country but also cultural differences and methodologies are still rare. In this article, I provide a detailed explanation of the factors that companies should consider to create a service loved by Japanese users from the perspective of soft sell.

■3rd Marketing Article Overview and Original Text

Influencer marketing refers to marketing activities carried out through collaboration with experts or influencers in a target field to induce users to take specific actions regarding a particular brand, product, or service. This article provides a detailed explanation of the strategies and methods for Korean and Japanese mobile app operators to efficiently select and utilize influencers.

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