【AGS Article Publish】 Why are Korean Apps Winning Over Global Giants?

Head of Marketing, Allen Park of aix Inc. (Read “Our Company” hereafter) posted an article on the Korean app marketing market in App Growth Summit 2023. Also, Our Company is planning to publish two additional articles this year, so please stay tuned.

Allen Park is a seasoned mobile sales and marketing professional with a strong track record of supporting globally renowned clients in the Japanese and Korean markets. As a growth mobile consultant at aix Inc., Allen possesses a diverse skill set that includes strategic marketing planning, app store optimization (ASO), localization, PR and blog writing, and advertising operations. His linguistic abilities in Korean, English, and Japanese, coupled with his creative writing experience, make him a valuable asset for clients seeking copywriting and branding support. With a strong passion for building connections between East Asia and other global markets, Allen is always happy to connect with new clients.

What is App Growth Summit?

App Growth Summit is a global mobile app conference for app developers and publishers, attracting app growth experts from around the world to prestigious app marketing-related media events held annually in New York, Germany, Singapore, and other locations. Since its inception in 2018, leading technology companies such as Google, Amazon, and Uber have participated. Through insightful content from app growth experts and a specialized community, the summit aims to continuously support the growth of the world's top mobile app services.

First aix Article in AGS 2023

Why are Korean Apps Winning Over Global Giants?

In this article, Allen discussed why Korea's original service was able to succeed against the global giants (Google, Amazon, Uber, etc.) in the Korean mobile market.

It is an interesting and detailed article about what kind of strength the Korean services had to face against the seemingly unbeatable global giants; Google, Amazon, and Uber Eats are widely used and loved, including Japan. So please read the full article if you are interested in the Korean market.

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