Innovative ASO (App Store Optimization) Solution from Japan

“ASO index" Released

Improving Visibility in App Stores and Maximizing Organic Downloads

aix released ASO index, a new analysis tool for app store optimization (ASO), on September 25, 2023.

This analysis tool will improve the visibility of your apps in the app store and efficiently increase revenue and LTV for your app services. As a SaaS (Software as a Service) from Japan, aix will start challenging the global market.

With the launch of the ASO index, app marketers, app designers, game marketers, ASO managers, app developers, startups, and app service providers can make smarter decisions and increase app visibility and profitability.

ASO index provides critical data and insights to increase app downloads, boost user engagement, and ultimately improve overall business performance," said Min Kyung Jun, President. We look forward to helping companies grow their business not only in Japanese, but also in English, Korean, and other markets that make sense as app business markets. commented Mr. Kurokawa.

ASO index will accelerate the growth of apps and maximize LTV.

We will continue to pursue analysis and solutions to provide better services and support the challenges of Japanese companies in the intensifying global market.

We look forward to your trials and valuable feedback from all sectors of the app industry.

■ A 10-day free trial is now available!

We are currently offering a 10-day free trial. During the free trial period, all ASO index functions are available.

We are also offering a special "Japanese User Behavior Survey in App Stores" as a gift to customers who complete the trial to help them better understand the Japanese market.

We hope you will take this opportunity to try ASO index.

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