[aix Inc. and Asia Design Prize’s Organizer, DESIGNSORI, 

conclude strategic business partnership]

We are pleased to announce that aix Inc. (Headquarters: 27-14 Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Min Gyeongjun) has entered into a strategic business partnership with DESIGNSORI, the organizer of Asia Design Prize (Headquarters: 891, 905 Guanyang-dong, Wanan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Representative: Doyoung Kim).

Asia Design Prize is one of the prestigious international awards that celebrates its 8th year as the largest design award in Asia. Unlike the existing sponsor-based operation, it has gained recognition as an international design award with fair judging processes and without sponsorship from general companies. In order to enhance the awareness of Asia Design Prize in the Japanese market, establish DESIGNSORI formed this partnership to find a deep bond with everyone in the Japanese market to lead the global design industry, and promote marketing activities to develop the beliefs and value provided by Asia Design Prize with the Japanese audience.

Details of the business partnership

(1)Marketing and promotion of Asia Design Prize in Japan.

(2)Dissemination of information and support system establishment for Japanese companies, professional groups, and creators regarding Asia Design Prize.

(3)Strengthening promotion support for award-winning companies and collaboration with Japanese companies.

Both companies will continue to strive for further service improvement to contribute to the development of the design industry in Japan while supporting the growth of companies and creators active in Japan and overseas.

【  About Asia Design Prize (ADP)】

Asia Design Prize (ADP), launched as an Asia-based international design award in 2017, has grown based on its excellent design sense and achievements. It was planned by "DESIGNSORI," a renowned design award information media in Korea, and ADP aims to be the first fair design award in Asia. Furthermore, ADP's vision is to become the best global design award in Asia that fosters design brands that withstand numerous challenges across centuries. Astonishingly, ADP is recognized as the largest design award in Asia, and it garnered attention with 3,180 entries in 2021.

【 Differentiation Strategy of Asia Design Prize (ADP) 】

(1)Rigorous judging process: 

ADP differentiates itself from other international design awards by not relying on official sponsorship and employing a meticulously conducted judging process. This ensures that only the most outstanding designs are selected, promoting high-level competition and improving the overall standard of the award. For example, in 2022, Karim Rashid, one of the world's top industrial designers, served as the chairman of the judging panel, and the entire evaluation process, including online entries and assessments, is conducted transparently and fairly.

(2)Expert judging panel:

 ADP's judging panel consists of internationally renowned and respected design experts. This includes Professor Shingo Ando from Kyoto University of Art and Design, Professor Yoshimaru Takahashi from Osaka University of Arts, Professor Wi-yeong Chung from Kyonggi University, and Professor Hyun-sun Kim from Hongik University IDAS. With the diverse backgrounds and sharp eyes of the judges active in various industries, the judging process ensures fair evaluation and excellent award quality. Additionally, respected Japanese judges such as Yoshimaru Takahashi, Shingo Ando, and Tetsuya Matsumoto participate, further enhancing the authority and credibility of the award.

(3)Winners' Set:

ADP presents winners with a Winners' Set, further enhancing their status as design pioneers. The Winners' Set includes a hard-type framed plaque and an honorable annual yearbook. Additionally, when creating the package, ADP considers future environmental issues and uses materials with FSC certification when using wood. Furthermore, maximum consideration is given to the environment by avoiding the use of vinyl materials. The FSC certification is an international system that certifies "appropriate forest management" and was established with the aim of promoting sustainable forest use and conservation. To enhance the overall design appeal, ADP incorporates V-cut specifications (similar to Apple's packaging) and encourages the practice of sustainable design. The packaging is designed with the intention of being a gift that cannot be easily discarded, incorporating materials that are difficult to dispose of and considering the carbon dioxide emissions during manufacturing.

(4)Unique ADP English typography development and application:

ADP has developed its own font that condenses the essence of the English language and the philosophy of design awards. This includes the Humanist Sans Concept, which provides an unprecedented experience, and customized fonts that cater to specific needs and preferences of the ADP community.

【About Aix Corporation】

Headquarters: 27-14 Motoyoyogi-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo. 

Representative Director: Min Kyung-Joon.  

Established: May 2021


Business Contents: 

(1) Providing optimal marketing strategies according to clients' KPIs and growth targets  

(2) Advertising operation and marketing support for global markets on and off 

(3) Development and operation of Big Data & AI-based SaaS solutions  

(4) Construction and consulting of AI utilization services 

(5) Branding (BI/BX) business

 【About DesignSori】

Headquarters: 891, 905 Kwanyang-dong, Anseong, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.  

Representative: DOYOUNG KIM  

Established: 2012 Business 


(1) Planning and operation of the largest design award in Asia, Asia Design Prize, 


(2) Planning and operation of the prestigious K-Design Award, the largest in Korea 


(3) Business innovation and consulting in the design industry  

(4) International design-related talent exchange support

 【Press Inquiries】

Aix Corporation Contact:  Sakura Kinjo, mkt@aixinc.io 

Aix Corporation and DesignSori will continue to use the knowledge and capabilities of both companies to contribute to the development of the design industry in Japan and abroad, and further support the activities of creators. Through this business alliance, we will further promote the global expansion of Japanese companies and creators, and strive to revitalize the design industry in Japan.

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