ASO Speech in the Korea's Largest Game Show, Gstar 2022

The importance of ASO in terms of mobile game growth!

Gstar 2022 is the largest game show in Korea, attracting around 200,000 attendees. It is a significant event in the Korean gaming industry, influencing game developers, marketing, and game users. At the "Global Game Service Platform (GSP)" event during Gstar 2022, Min Kyungjoon, the CEO of aix, delivered a speech on App Store Optimization (ASO) under the theme of "Global Perspective and Importance of ASO in Mobile Game Growth."

During the event, the concept and latest trends of ASO were introduced, along with practical insights that game companies could immediately implement. The speech particularly focused on enhancing the effectiveness of Apple Search Ads (ASA) and optimizing meta keywords to improve the performance of various CPI/CPA-related advertising campaigns. It provided a valuable opportunity for game marketers and executives to gain insights.

GSP (Global Game Service Platform) is a service platform for small and medium-sized game companies in Korea, with the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) as the main government agency. It is a government operating program, supporting games and has received significant attention in Korea, offering specialized consulting, infrastructure development, marketing, and various game-related services.

Overall, Gstar 2022 and the GSP event provided a platform for sharing insights on ASO and game services, contributing to the growth and development of the Korean gaming industry.

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