The Impact of ChatGPT/Generative AI

: Business Models and Adoptation Strategies

(Tokyo, Japan) The Co-Founder and CEO of our company, aix (Headquarters: 27-14, Motoyoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo), Min Kyung-jun was invited to deliver a lecture organized by the Korea Trade Association and the Federation of Korean Enterprises in Japan (Chairman: Lee Suk-woo, Regional Director of Korean Air in Japan). He shared his insights on the business application of Generative AI (GAI), including ChatGPT. The event took place on June 7, 2023, at 'The Capitol Hotel Tokyo' located in Tokyo. It was held in the form of a breakfast seminar with more than 80 business leaders attending.

Aix inc is a company specializing in big data and AI-based digital marketing, possessing capabilities to utilize AI(ASOindex, Influencer ER index Tool). The company has already operated with generative AI among other areas, provided usage guidelines, and completed the reflection in the HR evaluation system. Through thorough analysis and sharing of risks and usage methods, the company is exploring its future growth strategy.

In this lecture, Min shared insights on GAI and ChatGPT, which he considers necessary for the strategic growth of enterprises, to various Korean business leaders in Japan whose company capabilities and fields of expertise differ. It was a valuable opportunity to introduce how these technologies have been applied to aix's business model in detail.

In the lecture, he discussed everything from the overview of ChatGPT, its history, current state, and future including technical points. The major benefits it can provide for businesses in the future were highlighted, and he emphasized how ChatGPT can be integrated into business processes, and how it can enhance customer experience and increase business value.

Furthermore, in the lecture, he provided a deep understanding of the actual use cases of GAI and ChatGPT. He elaborated on how aix inc is applying these technologies to create business value, and how other companies can utilize them. Important topics such as the application process, regulations, and risk management of technology, which are especially sensitive for large enterprises, were also introduced.

This event was a good opportunity to provide a substantial understanding of the challenges and opportunities businesses face when adopting new AI technology. It would have been particularly useful for senior executives of companies looking for strategic guidelines to respond to technological changes.

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