The Strategic Growth Partner aix Driving AI and Data-centric Business Transformation

Recognized globally as the preferred marketing growth partner for over 100 companies, aix Inc. is at the forefront of driving change and innovation with its unparalleled expertise in Bespoke Planning. Delivering fitting solutions for service infrastructure, strategy, planning, advertising operations, and creative design and composition, aix Inc. is stepping into the future with an increased focus on AI and data-driven business, harnessing the power of General AI (GAI), including the use of OpenAI’s chatGPT.

Now, aix Inc. has set its sights on integrating AI and data-driven business models with GAI and other open-source software & algorithms, ensuring an optimized, intelligent, and automated future for businesses. With the advent of AI technology and a rapidly digitalizing global business environment, AI system integration presents a multitude of opportunities.

These range from deploying AI-driven chatbots for enhanced customer interaction, and automating routine business processes for increased efficiency, to incorporating advanced predictive analytics to provide insights that power decision-making. With aix Inc. leading the way, businesses can explore an AI-centric transformation in every facet, be it operations, customer relations, or strategy formulation.

What truly sets aix Inc. apart in the AI Marketing solutions and integration business is its unique blend of creativity and technology. The company’s distinct advantage lies in its ability to personalize and tailor solutions according to clients’ needs, while leveraging cutting-edge AI technology. This means businesses can count on aix Inc. for bespoke solutions that maximize growth potential while integrating the latest advancements in AI.

aix Inc.’s AI solutions are not just about technology – they’re about a strategic and creative approach to marketing that amplifies data-driven thought processes and decision-making. 

The company's solutions are powered by the strength of its industry-leading AI capabilities, combined with the sophisticated strategic thinking that comes from years of marketing expertise. With this, aix Inc. is empowering businesses to navigate the future with certainty, making it the go-to growth partner in this AI-caused upheaval.

As the digital landscape continues to expand, aix Inc. remains committed to staying at the cutting edge of AI integration and data-driven solutions, partnering with businesses to drive growth, efficiency, and success. This journey into the future of AI in marketing is just beginning – and aix Inc. is leading the way.

Examples of Service Applications

We provide AI services that are efficiently customized to your company's needs by utilizing existing AI models, including GPT.

1. Needs and Hearing

We listen to our clients' needs and requests to clarify what problems they want to solve and what goals they have. Sharing specific examples and challenges related to needs helps us consider solutions utilizing AI platforms.

2. Data Collection and Preparation

To utilize AI platforms, data collection, and thorough preparation are necessary. By constructing AI models based on the data collected from clients, it becomes possible to build more profound analyses and predictions related to the AP platform process. We also support data collection and preparing data sets for algorithm making and tuning.

3.Building AI models

We build AI models based on the client's needs. Here, we use AI platforms to analyze data and build predictive models and solutions to upgrade clients' value and productivity.

4.System Implementation

Once the construction of the AI model is completed, system implementation is carried out. During the implementation, infrastructure for data acquisition, processing, and result output is also constructed based on the cloud system.

5. System Operation and Maintenance (Using Existing Cloud) 

Once the system starts operating, operation and maintenance are carried out. Regular maintenance and monitoring are necessary to maintain the accuracy of the AI model and the stability of the system. We also provide support for operation and maintenance.

AI Integration

Cases for Market Research & Social Listening

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