SDGs Activities Paralym Art x aix to Support Creative Activities for the Sustainable Disabled

aix Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya, Tokyo, Representative Director: Min Kyung Jun, hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is a company that provides marketing platform services using data-based AI solutions. As part of its business activities, the Company has introduced a Paralim’s art work into its business cards to support activities for people with disabilities.

The Company aims to support Paralim Art, an organization for independent support of people with disabilities, by conducting and managing sustainable art projects for people with disabilities, based on the concept of "creating a world where people with disabilities can achieve their dreams through art."

The adoption and support of artworks by people with disabilities contribute to social inclusion and the acceptance of diversity. Utilizing the works of disabled artists to create new value conveys a message that recognizes and respects their abilities and potential. Through this, society becomes capable of accepting diverse perspectives and ideas by respecting and recognizing the creativity and artistic expression of disabled artists.

■ Reasons for Introducing Artworks

In 2021, we adopted artworks depicting children in a lively and vibrant manner for our business cards. Although we are an AI-based digital marketing platform company, we believe that the words "AI" and "digital" can sometimes evoke a dry and conflicting image with humanism.

However, as expressed in our mission, we consider it important to provide AI services that brighten people's lives and contribute to society by providing useful services to people using the latest technology. Therefore, we concluded that the bright and happy images of children depicted in the selected artworks well represent the world we aspire to, and that is why we decided to introduce them.

■ Artist and Artwork

*The above is an example of a business card design. (Front: artwork information, Back: artwork insertion)

Title: Fun Children

Artist: Shinohara Minoru

Artist History: Since entering the facility as an intellectually disabled individual in 1978, Shinohara developed an interest in drawing and has been actively engaged in artwork since around 1984. He has been recognized for his unique expressive style and has received numerous awards at local exhibitions. In recent years, his works have been exhibited in countries such as China and France, expanding beyond Japan.

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