Data & insight-driven Bespoke Marketing Professionals! 

Build your future career just for you here at aix Inc.

"Think Different": Apple's slogan from 1997~2002.

Just like Steve Jobs's proverb and his belief 

which conveys that innovation comes from admitting difference, 

aix also acknowledges and accepts individuals' 

differences, thoughts, and experiences.

As light shows its color when it passes through a prism, 

discover your color here: 

its workspace and lateral relationship with 

aix members will let you blossom your potential.

a i x   S T O R Y

aix's vision connects past-present-future: 

Big data-driven global #1 App growth & ad Tech Consulting Company

aix started in Tokyo, Japan, and now is working with global No.1 companies and growing to become a Bespoke Marketing specialist not only for Korean and Japanese companies but also for global clients. We strive to develop services of both good quality and quantity and sustainable business every year. One of our services, ASOindex, is a data and AI-driven ASO solution that is acknowledged as a paradigm changer in app marketing, and Game Report is a customer data-based service that can monitor customers' actions in real-time so that the advertiser can easily adjust to their needs.  

We provide Bespoke Marketing that satisfies the essential needs of our clients and users, and we accomplish it via thorough market research and analysis of users and market trends. Our Bespoke Marketing service becomes a solid foundation of long-term trust with clients and fertilizer for clients' success. We are currently working with 100+ clients in 25 countries and strive to become the No.1 Bespoke Marketing company, and we aim to develop a company that enhances/enlarges partnerships in the areas of marketing, AI, data, ad channels, and create new services and platforms that meet the needs of clients.

T H E   R I G H T    P E O P L E    F O R   a i x

aix will be the most adequate workplace if you are:

- Enthusiastic about clients' success 

- Looking for a job where you can grow together with the company 

- Experienced with decision-making based on objective data and insight 

- Looking for a position where you can work with the best marketers, engineers, designers, and operators and be the contact person for the clients 

- Capable of speaking foreign languages (English, Japanese, Korean, etc.) at a business level 

- Looking for a chance to work with global businesses of various countries and regions 

- Capable of understanding a business model and the client's value and establishing a strategy for a service or developing/designing 

aix pursues professionalism which has simple philosophy but is not something to be easily imitated. 

We encourage all of your future-oriented challenges, efforts, and passion. Let's make the future together!  


- Sales

- Planning

- Marketing

- Programmer


- Designer

 a i x    B E N E F I T S

aix's board members always think about 

how to create an employee-friendly work environment 

where employees can happily focus on work 

We Build The Most Supportive Work Environment

A new Laptop, at its latest version, (Macbook or Windows OS) + 34-inch LG Ultra Wide Monitor 

Smartphone for business use (only for the applicable department) 

Welcome Kit 

Flexible Time Shift 

Performance-based Incentive System

System 3 Month Full-time support 

Workation for Employees in 3-year, 6-year, 10-year of Continuous Service 

Housing Cost Aid System for Employees in 3-year, 6-year, 10-year of Continuous Service (Japan) 

Public Transportation Fees will be aided (Japan)

We Aid Employee's Growth and Self-Improvement

The company pays for self-improvement as long as it is related to the job

The company pays for books or digital materials for improvement

The company will host a workshop for the growth of job performance (both group and individual)

We Aid the Happiness of Work&Life

The company aids cash gifts for family events (weddings, funerals, etc.) and provides vacation for such events 

Two Special Days in a year: Early Leave (2 hours) * Department head's approval is required 

The company provides birthday and holiday presents

We Aid Amity and Networking

Coffee, tea, and energy drinks will be provided for free. 

Popcorn Day: Free Popcorn is offered once a week 

Beer Day: Free beer is offered once a week (after work) 

Lunch Eat-together: Twice a month 

Dine-together: dining will be offered at seasonal events (year-end, new-year celebration, etc.) 

Annual membership of Shinjuku Park 

Leisure trip: Ski, snowboarding, hiking, etc./ once a year (only for applicants)

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